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HiFiMan HE1000SE Launches - AVSA Latest News & Reviews

Posted by Yisroel Davimes on

HiFiMAN adds SE version to HE1000 line-up

Personal stereo specialists HiFiMAN has extended its HE1000 headphone offering with a new SE version. Launched at the recent Hong Kong Hi-Fi Show, the HE1000 Special Edition features improved sensitivity to allow broader compatibility, espeically with less powerful source devices.

Sensitivity has been increased from 91 to 96 dB, making the HE1000se easier to drive, and therefore allowing it to be used by high-res digital audio players and smart devices with limited output capabilities, instead of being limited to expensive high-end headphone amplification.

The improved efficiency has been achieved by introducing a new neodymium magnet array that increases efficiency while reducing distortion. The magnets allow a faster and more dynamic driver action, HiFiMAN claims.

The HE1000se retains the ‘window shade’-style open-back design meant to minimise distortion by avoiding unwanted reflections and vibrations. Also contributing are the ultra-thin driver diaphragms, which allow rapid responses and extended dynamic range.

The new headphone should be as comfortable as before, thanks to the existing headband design with its integrated arch, which ensures a stable fit. However, the new HE1000se gets a new matte finish with ebony wood trim.

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