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IKKO Audio - OH1 Meteor In-ear Monitor Earphones (Ships Next Day) - C-Plan Audio

IKKO Audio - OH1 Meteor In-ear Monitor Earphones (Ships in 1- 2 Weeks)


  • R 1,990.00
  • Save R 3,000.00


  • Aerospace alloy sound cavity: it is made of advanced lightweight alloy with only 6 grams on one side, which ensures the hardness of the cavity and provides unique comfort.
  • Double titanium drive 1BA + 1DD hybrid power: Knowles 33518 balance armature and 10mm polymer composite titanium film dynamic drive, low frequency plump and dynamic, high frequency transparent natural, delicate and elegant sound
  • High-purity OFC silver-plated cable: 2-pin 0.78mm detachable design. 4 strands of 8-purity high-purity oxygen-free copper plated high-purity OFC silver-plated cable with high frequency extension and low frequency strength
  • Specifications: sensitivity 106 decibels, frequency range 20-40kHZ, impedance 18 ohms, cable length 1.2 m,5.7mm nozzle



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1) Headfonics

When the OH1 is queued for review I paired it with the M11 to let the drivers run in so it has at least 100+ hours play time with different music. The OH1 is quite sensitive to power and it is recommended to use stronger outputs for more balanced and controlled bass performance.

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2) Headphonesty

This design is very common for IEMs that utilized dynamic drivers. Thanks to the two vents, I did not experience any driver flex when wearing these IEMs.

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3) Soundnews

Midrange performance was the only part of this headphone that changed drastically with a bit of burn-in. At first it sounded too thin with dry voices and weak textures. In 4 hours, midrange was already much better, with much more weight to it, voices gone deeper and sounded more natural.

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