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IKKO ITM-IKKOFFL Magnetic Upgraded Cable (With USB & USB-C and Lightning fittings) (In Stock)

C-Plan Audio

  • R 1,990.00

IKKO ITM-IKKOFFL Magnetic Upgraded Cable
  • The core material of the cable is 4-strand 12-core single crystal copper silver-plated wire, which is woven through a special weaving technique.
  • The transmission rate of the cable is 480Mbps, the wire impedance is 0.011Ω, and the anti-interference performance is increased by 30%.
  • The cable adopts a fully wrapped design, and the wrapping process of the core uses an outer fiber braided wire, which increases the durability of the wire.
  • Three cables, the cable length is Type-c and lightning is 12.5cm, USB 1.5m, ITM01 upgrade cable matches all ITM series products.
  • IKKO's unique magnetic suction port has good anti-interference performance.




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