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Audiovalve Impedancer RKV Impedance Verto Standard Edition - CPlan Audio

Audiovalve Impedancer RKV Impedance Verto Standard Edition (Ships Next day)


  • R 19,990.00

Want to listen to Electrostatic headphones at Audiophile Quality without buying a specialised electrostatic headphone amp

Introducing Audiovalve Verto 



- Compatible with all STAX electrostatic headphones (580 V DC PRO bias 5 Pin connector as well as 6 Pin 300 V DC bias)

- Suitable for low and middle impedance dynamic or planar headphones as well as ultra high efficient loudspeakers

- 3 switchable modes for STAX electrostatic mode, 8 ohm and 32 ohm

- One Teflon female jacket for STAX PRO bias 5 Pin and 6 Pin headphones

- Two Combi jackets phone plug and XLR for dynamic and planar headphones

- Loudspeaker terminals to connect spades or bananas

- 60 cm cable with phone plug fixed to the case for connection to the headphone amp (like Audio Valve RKV II and III as well as other headphone amps with low output impedance and high output voltage)

- No separate supply voltage needed, static high voltage is generated by the signal

- One high quality Pikatron output galvanic coupled transformer for each channel

- Internal bias voltage for STAX 300 + 580 VDC (LED controlled)

- Internal HB cable design with a cross section of 0.72 sq. mm, embedded in a PTFE Teflon insulation air. The conclusion is a 5 mm diameter strong silicon of insulation, the high-voltage signal line outwards reliable and well insulated

- The device provides both the required for the operation of the headphone-static voltage of 300 / 580 VDC, and up to 550 Vrms signal voltage

- Bandwidth up to nearly 100 KHz - ( 470 pf load ) 

- Dimensions:  w * h * d ( cm ) - 110 * 105 * 165

- weight: 2 kg 


- Silver case (black on request)

- Chrome mode switch (golden on request)

- Cable with phone plug 60cm length (different length on request)

- Price:  690,- EUR including VAT


pic 1 -  

show you the excellent transmission properties of the VERTO used on a STAX headphone connected to the output of the RKV Mark 2 as driver.


pic 2 -

show you a triangle signal by 10 kHz  


pic 3 -

When you connect the speaker terminals to any transistor amp in reverse mode you can use STAX headphones too.

Verto represents the culmination and breakthrough of our long term refinement of headphone amplification being started by AudioValve more than 30 years ago. With only one goal at the end - the best for your ears ...

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Winner : Verto box coupled to the amplifier RKV-II (with the 009 Stax Headphone)

I have tested your last Verto this afternoon. ( Pierre Paya )


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