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Astrotec Volans Audiophile Tesla Brass Earphone (Green) (Ships in 1-2 Weeks) (C-Plan Specials)


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There is a long history of using copper / brass to make musical instruments. Among the various types of copper materials, brass has excellent acoustic properties. Its sound wave reflection and sound wave absorption determine its unique tone performance. Musical instruments made of brass tend to have crisp, bright, and round sound effects. Nowadays many wind instruments are made of brass.

Astrotec continues the good acoustic characteristics of brass, with five-year effort, and made this well-built Volans, which is the first known brass dynamic driver unit. After investing a lot of research and development efforts and conducting hundreds of material and structural tests, this sound unit solution was finally confirmed this year.

Made of brass material, with multi-layer biological diaphragm and high purity OFC cable, the driver unit of Volans provides you the pure sound with more details. Customized biological diaphragm, combined with high-performance Tesla magnetic brass driver unit, shows unique and charming sounds and immersive auditory experience. All these features are just for delivering a pure music world to you.

Key features:

1: High-performance Tesla magnetic brass driver unit.

2: Multi-layer biological diaphragm.

3: Extra wide-band sound transducer.



Driver Unit: 10.5mm Tesla Dynamic Driver

Impedance: 32 ohm

Sensitivity: 110 dB/1mW

Cable: High purity OFC cable

Cable Length: 1.2±0.03m

Plug: 3.5mm stereo gold plated plug

Connector: MMCX

Frequency Response: 8Hz - 40000Hz

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