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ATN-91 - Audio Technica - Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge (C-Plan Audio Specials) (In Stock)

Audio Technica

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Conical Stylus MM Stereo Stylus for AT91 Cartridge

The AT90 Series represents years of research and development aimed at producing high performance cartridges at a reasonable price. Features include durable magnet design and round diamondstylus, capable of standing up to rigorous commercial use. Excellent channel separation and low distortion add to outstanding tonal quality. 


  • Conical stylus
  • Dual magnet design
  • 2.0g tracking force
  • Replacement stylus for AT91 and AT3600 cartridge and LP3
  • Conical stylus
  • Bonded round shank construction
  • Also fits Rega Planar 1 and Planar 2 - better (upgrade on standard cartridge)
  • Replacement stylus for AT91 cartridge
  • Compatable stylus for CN5625AL and AT90 discontinued cartridges.
  • Upgrade replacement styli for AT3600L
  • The tracking force of AT3600L equipped with ATN91 is 2g, do not upgrade from ATN3600L to ATN91 when your tonearm does not allowed tracking force adjustment.


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