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Campfire Audio - Equinox - Audiophile Earphones  (Ships in 2-3 Weeks) - C-Plan Audio

Campfire Audio - Equinox - Audiophile Earphones (Ships in 2-3 Weeks)

Campfire Audio

  • R 54,990.00

Equinox; a Custom fit IEM from Campfire Audio.

We’ve been hard at work making a really cool new custom fit earphone: Equinox.

The result is a terrific sounding earphone with a solid body design and something new; a custom fit.

Currently this is a ‘beta’ product available in very limited quantity in select markets.

Designed and Assembled in Portland, Oregon USA. Contact us at if you have questions about this program.

Solid Body Design

Our new custom fit design is a direct print solid body design. We create the exterior design from a scan of the impression and apply our unique shaping formulas.

Then the internal accoustic chambers are incorporated into the 3D model. This gives each earphone the best sound possible with optimized pathways.

Stainless Steel Driver Housing

The distincitve stainless steel housing captures the dyamic driver and provides the heart of Equinox.

This adds a certain roubustness to the earphone’s sonic signature and provides an additional level of protection for the earphone.

New Pure Silver Cable

We’ve included our new pure silver cable litz cable to get the very best sound possible from the Equinox. The pure silver litz conductors provide additional resolution and refinement to an already exceptional sound. We found the pairing of the 10mm A.D.L.C. dynamic driver with this cable really makes the music shine.

This cable is also wound with a twist that reduces tangling and microphonics improving your daily experience with Equinox.


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