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FiiO - DK1 Multifunction Dock for M11 Pro (with USB-C) - Also works with Cayin DAPs and other FiiO USB-C Daps


  • R 990.00


Clean Design Stylish Appearance Made of high quality aluminium alloy and coming with a trendy curved backrest .

Non - slip design for the base to cling to the table on - slip

Design Arc - shaped Design.

Plug-and-play Docking Station Convenient to be connected to the charger for charging or computer USB port for synchronous transmission

A heaven - made match when docking with the or dac ( applicable to X7 Mark ll, X7, X5 IlI, X5 II, X3 Mark, X3 II, X1 II, X1, E17K).


25° Degree Rotation Angle.

 Power In : For connecting to computer to provide power and data connection.


Also supports - X7 Mark ll/X5 IlI/X5 II/X3 Mark/X3 II/X1 II/X1/E17K,

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