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Campfire Audio - Astrolith Dual Planar Magnetic Earphones (Release date 1 Aug 2024) (Ships in 3-4 Weeks)

Campfire Audio

  • R 54,990.00

Dual Planar Magnetic IEM


  • All new custom dual planar magnetic crossoverless design

  • All new 14.2mm Planar magnetic sub-low-low-mid, all new 6mm planar magnetic true high frequency tweeter 

  • IEM shell - All new monolithic Additive Acoustic Optical inclusion housing (AAOI) 3d printed polymer body. Full CNC billet mirror polished stainless steel outer components. 

  • Superior measurable acoustic metrics - Ultra low THD, ultra flat impedance, ideal impulse response, ultra dynamic and extended frequency response.

  • All new Campfire Audio acoustic technology Particle Phase Resonator (PPR) applied  to the Planar magnetic 6mm tweeter for high frequency for flat extended superior detail and resolution

  • Acoustic resonator module applied to the 14.2mm planar magnetic drivers front end load along with a unique front choke damper element designed and engineered but Campfire Audio adds to the richness and harmonious low and mid frequency.

  • Ultimate speed, accuracy, depth, acoustic resolution, transparency and superior dynamic range.

Included Accessories:

  • Silver plated Time Stream IEM cable with silver metal hardware in both 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced terminations

  • Black dimension folding leather case with magnetic closure

  • 3x Marshmallow Tips (S, M, L)

  • 3x Silicone Tips (S, M, L)

  • Earphone cleaning tool & Campfire Audio lapel pin

  • Dual Mesh earphone protective pocket bag

Campfire Audio Astrolith; 

The latest creation from the acoustics team at Campfire Audio, Astrolith represents the tip-of-the-spear for IEMs using the latest pure planar magnetic technology. Further expanding on Campfire’s lineage of planar earphones, Astrolith incorporates two new drivers wrapped in our PPR and AAOI tuning elements. Combining the inherent advantages of planar magnetic drivers with decades of acoustic engineering experiences brings about an incredible new horizon in the realm of planar magnetic IEMs. 

Astrolith combines a 14.2mm planar magnetic main driver that ranges from sub-bass to mid frequencies which uses a crossoverless design to bring in our 6mm planar true high-frequency tweeter. This captures a full-range, dual-planar design that highlights the purity of the speed, accuracy, impact, and ultimate resolution that only a planar magnetic driver can deliver. This approach creates top-to-bottom, intricate resolution, texture and impact alongside incredible high-frequency extension.

The Campfire Audio Astrolith delivers something truly unique, new and different in the high end world of personal HiFi. With all-new advanced engineering, carefully tuned sound signature and driver selection, we offer something that follows its own path and redefines what is possible for an all new IEM frontier experience. 

Astrolith is fully designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. 

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