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IKKO Audio - OH10 Obsidian In-ear Monitor Earphones (Ships Next Day) - C-Plan Audio

IKKO Audio - OH10 Obsidian In-ear Monitor Earphones (In Stock)


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IKKO OH10 in-Ear Monitor, Detachable Design in-Ear Headphone/Earphone,10mm Dynamic Drive + Knowles 33518 Balanced Drive Dual Hybrid

  • Pure copper cavity hybrid structure:It is made of pure copper combined with the acoustic driver design of the dual titanium driver, the internal harmonic resonance distortion is reduced, and the sound is more delicate and natural.5.7mm nozzle
  • Dual titanium driver:Knowles 33518 supply comfortable high frequency and ultra high frequency,10mm polymer titanium diaphragm dynamic to create the transient and dynamic
  • 2-pin 0.78mm detachable design,High purity OFC silver-plated cable, both high frequency extension and low frequency strength.
  • A titanium coating is used on the outside of the chamber to prevent scratching and to inhibit bacterial growth. The inside of the chamber is coated with platinum to enhance the sound quality through the special sound resonance of platinum 


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1) Head-fi

Onto the review of the sound! My personal preference are a dynamic hybrid iem where I get good hitting bass and have a brighter treble with decent mids. I listen to a lot of genres but I hover in the classic rock, blues and edm music with some rap here and there.

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2) Audio123 Review

The OH10 is an engaging sounding iem that is able to provide impactful bass, clean midrange and detailed treble. There is a vibrant and controlled presentation which provides an immersive listen

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3) No BS Audiophile

Even if I must admit the sound difference is in little nuance, the use of upgraded copper housing sure offer a more controled and balanced low end extension, making the OH10 less boomy and U shape than it’s little brother as well as offering clearer more refined mid range and treble.

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