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Audiovalve Challenger 400 Mono Power Amp Standard Edition - CPlan Audio

Audiovalve Challenger 400 Kings Class Mono Power Amp Standard Edition (Ships in 4 Weeks)


  • R 599,990.00

The AudioValve CHALLENGER 400's offer you everything that the Challenger 115 and 150s offer only they act like they are on steroids and produce an astonishing 480 wpc. Even with this brute power the AudioValve 400s are smooth and can artfully handle even the most demanding musical passages that can be fed thru them. They throw a sound stageas wide as a football field and as deep as bowling alley. This is twelve tub Ferrari with after burners and auto bias regulators that epitomize the term plug-and-play. There is no need to tinker with srewdrivers to set the bias of this amplifiers, the Auto Bias Regulator does everything for you. Plug this brute in and turn it on and let the music flow as it turns you on. If only the best will do then the AudioValve Challenger 400s are for you.

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