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Dynaudio BM12 mklll Nearfield Precision Studio Monitors - Showroom Unit - (Pair)


  • R 39,990.00

Perfect audio clarity

The BM12 mkIII expands on the legacy of the classic BM12A design. Re-voiced around Dynaudio's next generation waveguide, the BM12 mkIII has been designed around highly efficient hand-crafted neodymium drivers, providing faithful transient response and an SPL of 123 dB for larger listening environments.

• Extended excursion 8" woofer with pure aluminum voice coil.
• 1.1" soft dome tweeter with pure aluminum voice coil.
• 100W LF and 50W HF Class AB amplifier.
• Bundled with IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 speaker stand for decoupling and proper angling.
• Optional TC Electronic Level Pilot or BMC-2 for precision level control
• Made in Denmark



Electronic Musician BM12 mkIII Review

Electronic Musician's Gino Robair reviewed BM12 mkIII and the BM14S II sub as part of a monitor round up. Guess what? BM12 mkIII became the benchmark for the test and Gino even decided to keep the BM12 mkIIIs as his reference benchmark for future monitor reviews in Electronic Musician! 

"Although price isn't always an indication of quality, in case of the Dynaudio BM12 mkIII, you definitely get what you pay for. The BM12 is part of a mature product line with a well-earned reputation for exceptional resolution, and the mkIII continues the legacy by providing an uncluttered low end, a revealing midrange, spaciousness in the upper registers, and a precise transient response. The stereo imaging is outstanding, with a surprisingly wide sweet spot, thanks to the improved waveguide design. Moreover, this model sounds exceptionally smooth at high volume levels.

The BM12 mkIII combines an 8" woofer with a 1.1" soft-dome tweeter and is bi-amplified to provide 150W of power that is rated to produce 123 dB SPL at peak - plenty of headroom when you need it for monitoring in moderate- to large-size studios.

Despite the higher price point and excellent audio quality, the BM12 mkIII's rear panel is surprisingly austere: an input level switch (+4, 0, -10); a highpass filter (Flat, 60 dB and 80 dB); and a 3-band filter section - HF (+1, 0, -1), MF (0, -2, -4), and LF (+2, 0, -2) - to compensate for acoustic anomalies caused by nearby boundaries. The input is a single XLR jack.

With each BM mkIII Series monitor, Dynaudio includes an appropriately sized IsoAcoustics stand (in this case, the ISO-L8R200),


which not only decouples the speaker from any surface but provides horizontal positioning (up or down a few degrees). 

Although the BM12 mkIIIs ended up being the benchmarks for my roundup due to the level of resolution and clarity they exhibit on their own, I also used them in a 2.1 system with the BM14S II subwoofer. Providing 300W and using a 12" woofer to extend the frequency range to 18 Hz, the BM14S II easily coordinates with other Dynaudio monitors, giving you an opportunity to hear what's going on in the lowest registers of a mix or to fill the LFE role in a surround system. 

Setting up and tuning the sub were quick and painless. The BM14S II provides a gain control, highpass and lowpass filtering, and a phase switch. For critical listening with a subwoofer, moderation is the key: You don't need to cranck this up to reap the benefits. 

Once you achieve the optimum volume and frequency balance between the three speakers, you'll have the opportunity to hear your recordings at a level of resolution that will likely cause you to re-evaluate the transducers at teh other end of the signal chain - your microphones."

- Gino Robair, Technical Editor, Electronic Musician


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