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FiiO LT-TC1 USB-C to USB-C Audiophile Cable  (Ships Next Day) - C-Plan Audio

FiiO LT-TC1 USB-C to USB-C Audiophile Cable (Ships Next Day)


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FiiO LT-TC1 - Type-C USB, done right!

The FiiO LT-TC1 USB cable in summary: The LT-TC1 is a USB cable that was developed with the aspect of optimal signal transmission in mind and thus ensures the perfect sound.


The highlights of the FiiO LT-TC1 at a glance:

  • Digitally done right! - USB Type-C to USB Type-C connection
  • Pure copper core - for perfect signal transmission
  • Exactly the right length - 12 centimeters of cable, not too long, not too short
  • Optimally packaged - high-quality, robust coat made of fabric
  • Durable plugs - Made of fine aluminum

USB Type-C connector - never twist the cable again!

Anyone who has ever plugged a USB cable into a USB port knows the problem: you are guaranteed to insert the cable three times. Once wrong, turn around. Again wrong, turn around. And fits! With USB Type-C, the cable always fits, because the connector is identical on both sides!

This leaves even more time to listen to good music.

Pure copper for clean sound - just as you expect

FiiO LT-TC1 interior construction

It is still a matter of debate whether digital cables really make a difference in sound. Well, with the FiiO LT-TC1 you can easily answer the question yourself.

The guarantee for this is the high-quality material made of pure copper, which means that distortions in the music signal lurking on the route from the source to the destination have no chance.

Too long? Too short? - The FiiO LT-TC1 is just the right length

If the cable is too long, it dangles somewhere and in the worst case you could even get caught on a door handle or similar. If, on the other hand, the cable is too short, you are inflexible with the positioning of the connected devices and, if in doubt, even get annoyed about it.

With a length of twelve centimeters, the USB cable LT-TC1 is just right. Short enough to connect your devices without forming loops; long enough so that you can decide for yourself how the devices should be located. It always fits!

Come to stay - Durable and beautiful coat

FiiO LT-TC1 cable in detail

Once you have the cable in your hand, you won't want to give it back anytime soon. The reason for this is the elegant sheathing made of fabric, which gives the cable a high-quality look and feel, but also protects it from the harsh realities of everyday life.

Don't worry how you hear what you hear !

Longevity also with the plugs - Made of robust aluminum

What use is the most beautiful coat if the plugs do not meet the same high quality level? Nothing! That is why the two USB Type-C plugs are manufactured to be of high quality and durable.

In this case made of light and high quality aluminum. This means that countless plug-in operations are possible without the slightest form of wear and tear.

Charge, transfer data, enjoy - the full program via USB

FiiO LT-TC1 on a laptop

Everything that is digitally possible via USB is also possible with the FiiO LT-TC1, just high quality.

Regardless of whether you want to use your music player as a USB DAC or "just" are looking for a long-lasting USB data cable and charging cable: You have found it here

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