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HiFiMan - HE1000 (Version 3) Stealth Magnet Audiophile Headphones (In Stock) (HE-1000)


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HiFiMan HE1000 Version 3 Stealth - The acclaimed HE1000 but now even better


Review by Porta.Fi


  MSRP $2000

By now, you should know that stunning music reproduction doesn't exactly come cheap. HiFiMAN may test your limits on quality -- and what you're willing to spend on that quality -- with its latest product, the HE1000.

The HE1000 is a new full-size planar magnetic headphone. The flagship model uses Nanotechnology, which basically means it has a Nanometer-grade-thickness diaphragm and measures a mere .001mm thin. In fact, it's so thin, the company says you can barely see it when viewed from the side. That low driver mass makes this set very lightweight, but able to produce awesome, natural sound, with negligible distortion.

It also has an Advanced Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuit, which took the company seven years to make. This double-sided magnetic circuit promises perfect control of the driver for lifelike clarity and sonic precision.


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