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iBasso AMP3 for DX200 High Resolution Audio Player - High Voltage Swing, 2.5mm Balanced Amplifier Card (Ships in 2-3 Weeks)


  • R 2,990.00
  • Save R 1,500

  • High Voltage Swing ,Balanced Amplifier Card
  • Patented balanced amplification circuit, that retains all the benefits of a balanced design, such as higher output voltage and better separation. At the same time, our Patented design has even harmonics that keeps the sound full and musical.
  • OPAMP + BUF architecture, optimized for both high voltage demand and high output current demand monitors.
  • With the traditional balanced amplification circuit design, there is a positive signal and a negative signal. They together reduce the harmonics, including both of the odd harmonics and even harmonics.
  • On the iBasso balanced amplification design, we successfully reduce the odd harmonic, while retaining the even harmonics, thus keeping the sound full and as musical as single ended but with added benefits of a balanced signal.

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