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IKKO ITM05 - Portable DAC & Powerful Headphone Amplifier - USB-C to 3.5mm/2.5mm Balanced - Black (Ships Next Day)


  • R 3,490.00
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IKKO ITM05 Music Patch combines Double CS43198 DAC chips with the most portable but delicate size, producing an accurate immersive Hi-Fi sound with a distortion rating of only 0.0008%. Experience music like you’re there. Bring sound to the next level.

Engineered in every detail, they feature:


 Weighs Only 23g

 Real Hi-Fi Sound with Double CS43198 DAC Chips

 THD: 0.0008% / SNR: 122dB

 2.5mm Balanced Output; Output Level: 2.0V

 3.5mm Audio Output; Output Level: 2.1V

 Battery-free & Ultra-low Power Consumption Design

 Quite a Simple Plug and Play

 Supports All Android, iOS and PC devices (even if the device with the case)

 Supports For Using While Charging



When buying a smartphone nowadays, most people expect it to do everything correctly. One of the biggest complaints of users is the fact that most smartphones have limited performance DAC chips,and audiophiles have to resort to other, more expensive solutions to get the sound they want.

That’s when we decided to set a new standard in the portable AMP market, developing the most thoroughly designed product, premium in every detail, at an affordable price.



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