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KZ - ZES - (Latest Release) Electrostatic + Dynamic Hybrid Earphones (no Mic) (In Stock)

KZ - ZES - (Latest Release) Electrostatic + Dynamic Hybrid Earphones (no Mic) (In Stock)

C-Plan Audio

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Electrostatic + dynamic hybrid technology earphones
"Black horse" in Hi-Fi circle
Innate surging bass
KZ ZES Electrostatic + dynamic hybrid technology earphones
12mm super unit
Low-voltage electrostatic unit
High-purity silver-plated cable
Hi-Fi sound quality
Comfortable wearing
Metal cavity

Big size has immense energy
Surpass most dynamic units on the market

KZ ZES has more substantial output power, fuller bass, clearer details.
12mm Super Unit

KZ ZES 12mm super unit

Wider sound field

Excellent sound quality

More obvious details
10mm Unit

Common 10mm unit

Electret low voltage electrostatic speaker

KZ ZES has superior performance and more stable quality than other sound units of the exact specification. Able to perform deeper interpretation of musical details.
Electret low voltage electrostatic speaker

Interpret the surging atmosphere of the sound field

Electrostatic + dynamic hybrid technology brings more robust stereo sound and higher clarity, presenting authentic sound details.
KZ ZES scheme
6.8mm Electrostatic speaker
Responsible for high frequency and ultra high-frequency.
12mm Super dynamic driver
Responsible mid and low frequencies.

Light luxury texture and outstanding appearance

The embedded metal-plastic connection process catches your sight.

When you hear it, it's like being there

The electrostatic unit performs better than the balanced armature unit in high-frequency sensitivity. The hardware breakthrough brings profound and ethereal sound effects, a vast sound field, and an immersive atmosphere.

Enjoy the feast with sound

KZ ZES earphone brings a personalized wearing experience. It effectively reduces noise and allows you to enjoy music in peace.
Woman wears KZ ZES

2 Pin pluggable design

More ways to use it as you choose
0.75mm gold-plated pins.
KZ ZES is compatible with 99% of 2 Pin upgrade cables on the market.
KZ ZES 2Pin connector

Professional Ergonomic Design

More stable and more comfortable.

Customized High Purity Silver Plated Wire

8 strands of 200-core high-purity silver-plated wire have excellent electrical conductivity, providing stable and high-quality sound for headphones. Multi-strand winding process, effectively shielding external interference signals!

Metal decorative parts
Metal decorative parts
Wear-resistant and not easy to damage
3.5mm gold-plated plug
3.5mm gold-plated plug
Compatible with most playback devices on the market

Wire replacement diagram

How to choose left and right KZ ZES earphone
Correctly distinguish left and right earphones and cables:
"L" is the left side, and "R" is the right.
Place the earphone on the front, with the silicone sleeve facing the left to represent the left and the silicon sleeve to the right to represent the right.
How to connect cable to KZ ZES
Align the wire with the interface and push it in slowly until it fits.

How to remove cable to KZ ZES
Please use a little force when installing because the wire is not easy to fall off.

Product Parameters

Product model
Plug type
Pin type
Cable type
Custom silver plated wire
Cable length

* The product size is manually measured.
There may be an error of 0.1-0.5mm, which is a normal range.
KZ ZES with cable

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