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BBC 1922-1972 - 50 Years Of Broadcasting - Vinyl LP Record - Very Good+ Quality (VG+)


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A1 –John Snagge Chimes Of Big Ben / The BBC Calling The World From London
A2 –P. P. Eckersley* Writtle Calling
A3 –The Savoy Orpheans Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue
A4 –Savoy Havana Band Last Night On The Back Porch
A5 –Lord Gainford Opening Of Savoy Hill 1923
A6 –Irene Minghini-Cattaneo & Orchestra Of La Scala* Stride La Vampa (Il Trovatore)
A7 –Tommy Lorne Auntie Aggy Of The BBC
A8 –Harry Lauder I Love A Lassie
A9 –Beatrice Harrison (2) Nightingales In Surrey Wood / Songs My Mother Taught Me
A10 –Sidney Firman And The London Radio Dance Band* Do That Heebie Jeebie Dance
A11 –A. J. Alan My Photograph
A12 –Dr. Howard Carter Opening Of Tutankhamun's Tomb
A13 –Unknown Artist Tutankhamun's Trumpet
A14 –Christopher Stone Introducing Gramaphone Record Programme
A15 –Essie Ackland Love's Old Sweet Song
A16 –Albert Sandler And Palm Court Orchestra* If My Songs Were Winged
A17 –Rev. John A. Mayo, Rector Of Whitechapel* The First Radio Padre
A18 –Rear-Admiral C.D. Carpendale News Item About The General Strike 1926
A19 –Sir Alan Cobham Flight From England To Australia And Back By De Havilland Seaplane 50, 30.6.26-1.10.26
A20 –Bob Bowman (5) Heavyweight Championship - Tommy Farr Vs. Joe Louis
A21 –Jack Payne And The BBC Dance Orchestra Say It With Music
A22 –Stanley Baldwin Extract From Speech On Conversion Of War Loan 1.7.32
A23 –J. Ramsey McDonald Short Extract From Speech By The Prime Minister On The Political Situation 25.8.31
A24 –H. G. Wells* Short Extract From Talk On Communications 19.11.32
A25 –Jack Payne And The BBC Dance Orchestra Happy Days Are Here Again
A26 –John Henry (4) And Blossom (3) Short Extract From "Joe Murgatoyd's Letter"
A27 –Gillie Potter Reminiscences Of Hogsnorton
A28 –H. M. King George V* First Christmas Day Message From Sandringham 25.12.32
B1 –Symphony Orchestra In Town Tonight - Introductory Sequence And Knightsbridge March
B2 –Gracie Fields Sally
B3 –Bing Crosby Where The Blue Of The Night
B4 –Henry Hall And The BBC Dance Orchestra Here's To The Next Time
B5 –Hitler* Speech From Reichstag 30.1.34
B6 –Mussolini* Speech At 2nd Quinquennial Fascist Assembly, Rome, 18.3.34
B7 –Goebbels* Speech On Political Implications Of Death Of President Von Hindenburg 2.8.34
B8 –Ambrose And His Orchestra* Joseph Joseph
B9 –Roy Fox And His Band* Whispering
B10 –Charlie Kunz Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
B11 –Unknown Artist Outbreak Of Italo-Abyssinian War, News Bulletin 3.10.35
B12 –Phillip Slessor And BBC Variety Orchestra Music Hall (Opening Signature Tune)
B13 –Stuart Hibberd Illness Of H.M. King George V - Special Announcement 20.1.36
B14 –Sir John Reith Death Of H.M. King George V - Announcement 12.15am 21.1.36
B15 –Unknown Artist Passing Bell
B16 –Charles Siepmann Funeral Of H.M. King George V. - Commentary From Westminster Hall 28.1.36
B17 –H. M. King Edward VIII* Message To The Empire 1.3.36
B18 –Joe Loss And His Orchestra* In The Mood
B19 –Freddy Grisewood, Hitler* German Re-Occupation Of The Rhineland - News Bulletin 7.3.36
B20 –Hitler*, Massed Voices Of Crowd Opening Of Olympic Games In Berlin; Speech Followed By Singing Of Olympic Hymn
B21 –Leslie Mitchell Opening Of BBC Television Service At Alexandra Palace - Announcement 2.11.36
B22 –H.R.H. The Prince Edward* Abdication Of H.M. King Edward VIII - Farewell Speech 11.12.36
B23 –The Archbishop Of Canterbury (Cosmo Gordon Lang)* Coronation Of H.M. King George VI And H.M. Queen Elizabeth. Recognition - Westminster Abbey 12.5.37
B24 –Unknown Artist Royal Naval Review
B25 –Judy Shirley And The BBC Variety Orchestra* Monday Night At Seven - Introduction And Opening Signature Tune
B26 –Richard Murdoch And Arthur Askey With The BBC Variety Orchestra* Band Waggon - Excerpt Of Chestnut Corner
B27 –Unknown Artist Entry Of Germany Into Austria - Recordings Made At Linz 12.3.38
B28 –Geraldo And His Orchestra Ragtime Cowboy Joe
B29 –Unknown Artist The Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain Returns From Munich 30.9.38
B30 –Lionel Marson Invasion Of Poland - News Bulletin 1.9.39
B31 –Unknown Artist Evacuation Of Children From Waterloo Station
B32 –Neville Chamberlain Outbreak Of War With Germany. Announcement By The Prime Minister 3.9.39
C1 –Winston B. Churchill* The Fall Of France. Extract From Speech By The Prime Minister 17.6.40
C2 –Alvar Lidell Air Raid Sirens Followed By "Battle Of Britain" New Bulletin Of 15.9.40
C3 –No Artist Air Raid On London - Actuality Recording From Roof And Adjoining Street Of Broadcasting House
C4 –Tommy Handley And Musicians Of The Home Fleet ITMA - Introduction From Special Performance For The Home Fleet At Scapa Flow
C5 –Jack Warner With The BBC Variety Orchestra* Garrison Theatre - Introduction Followed By "Nursey Nursey"
C6 –Vera Lynn Sincerely Yours - "Wishing Will Make It So"
C7 –Frank Phillips British Submarines In Mediterranean - News Bulletin 5.9.41
C8 –Vera Lynn Sincerely Yours - "We'll Meet Again"
C9 –Frederick Allen (2) News Bulletin 7.9.41
C10 –Douglas Ritchie Colonel Britton On The V For Victory Call Sign 31.7.41
C11 –Godfrey Talbot El Alamein - War Report
C12 –Lale Andersen Lilli Marlene
C13 –Bruce Belfrage Advance Of The 8th Army In Western Desert - News Bulletin 4.11.42
C14 –Doris Hare With Debroy Somers And His Orchestra Shipmates Ashore - Opening Signature Tune
C15 –Ben Lyon With Jay Wilbur And His Orchestra Hi Gang! - Signature Tune And Introduction
C16 –Wilfred Pickles Far Eastern Situation - News Bulletin 8.12.41
C17 –Harry Korris, Cecil Frederick, Robbie Vincent And The BBC Revue Orchestra* Happidrome - "We Three"
C18 –Richard Murdoch And Kenneth Horne With The Royal Air Force Orchestra* Merry-Go-Round (RAF Edition) - "Much-Binding-In-The-Marsh"
C19 –Dr. Charles Hill The Radio Doctor - On Ingestion
C20 –Bill Gates With James Moody (3) With George Middleton Workers Playtime
C21 –John Snagge Capitulation Of Italy - News Bulletin 8.9.43
C22 –Kenneth Horne And The Royal Artillery Theatre Orchestra* Ack-Ack Beer-Beer - Opening Signature Tune
C23 –Donald McCollough The Brains Trust
C24 –Clay Keyes And The BBC Dance Orchestra The Old Town Hall - Closing Signature Tune
C25 –Freddy Grisewood Italy Declares War On Germany - News Bulletin 12.10.43
C26 –Glenn Miller And His Orchestra Moonlight Serenade
C27 –John Snagge D-Day Landings On Normandy Coast - News Item 06.06.44
C28 –Unknown Artist Mitchell Bomber Over Normandy Coast
C29 –General Dwight D. Eisenhower* Broadcast At 0730 Hours On D-Day
C30 –Band Of The Scots Guard* Lilliburlero
C31 –Richard Dimbleby D-Day - War Report
C32 –Howard Marshall Invasion - War Report 08.08.44
C33 –Joseph McLeod Battle For Channel Ports
C34 –John Snagge Capture Of Brussels - News Item Followed By Band And Crowds Singing "Quand Madelon" After The Liberation 04.09.44
C35 –Stanley Maxted Allied Airbourne Landings In Holland 17.09.44 - Announcement And War Report From Arnhem
C36 –Frank Gillard Link-Up With Russian Army - War Report 25.04.45
C37 –Vera Lynn White Cliffs Of Dover
C38 –No Artist Death Of Hitler - Special Announcement 01.05.45
C39 –Frederick Allen Surrender Of German Armed Forces In Italy 02.05.45
C40 –Stuart Hibbard Capture Of Berlin - News Item 02.05.45
C41 –Winston B. Churchill* VE Day - Winston Churchill Announces Victory In Europe Followed By Crowds Singing "Tipperary" 08.05.45
C42 –Frank Phillips Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima 06.08.45
C43 –Freddy Greenwood Japanese Surrender Signed, Tokyo Bay - News Item 02.09.45
D1 –Raymond Glendenning FA Cup Final, Charlton Vs. Burnley, 1947 "The Ball Bursts"
D2 –John Snagge Oxford Vs. Cambridge Boat Race, 1949
D3 –Frank Gillard, Massed Bands Of The Brigade Of Guards Wedding Of H.R.H. The Princess Elizabeth And The Prince Phillip - Commentary Followed By The National Anthem 20.11.71
D4 –Ellis Powell Mrs Dale's Diary
D5 –Wilfred Pickles, Harry Hudson And Unknown Artist Have A Go - Introductory Sequence And "Have A Go Joe"
D6 –Stewart McPherson Ignorance Is Bliss - Introductory Sequence
D7 –Kenneth Horne And Betty Masden* Round The Horne - Opening Signature Tune And Dialogue
D8 –Jimmy Edwards (2), Dick Bentley And June Whitfield Take It From Here - The Glums - Signature Tune And Short Extract
D9 –Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers And Spike Milligan The Goon Show - Short Excerpt From "Tales Of Old Dartmoor" Followed By "I Travel The Road"
D10 –Norman Painting, Ysanne Churchman, Basil Jones, Anne Cullen . The New Concert Orchestra The Archers - Opening Siganture Tune "Barwick Green" And Short Excerpt "The Death Of Grace Archer"
D11 –Stewart McPherson Twenty Questions - Introductory Sequence
D12 –Franklin Englemann, The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra Down Your Way - Closing Sequence And "The Horse Guards, Whitehall"
D13a –Charles Gardner First Trans-Atlantic Jet Flight By RAF Vampires - 16.7.48
D13b –Charles Gardner Meteor Jet At 618mph - 12.10.48
D14 –Bernard Moore Berlin, End Of Soviet Blockade - 4.5.49
D15 –Howard Marshall Funeral Of H.M. King George 15.2.52
D16 –The Archbishop Of Canterbury (Geoffrey Fisher)* The Coronation Of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II - Prayer And Crowning By The Archbishop Of Canterbury - 2.6.53
D17 –Warren Mitchell, Una Stubbs, Dandy Nichols And Anthony Booth Till Death Do Us Part - "TV Filth" - Short Extract
D18 –Millicent Martin, David Frost That Was The Week That Was. Opening Signature Tune And Short Extract From "What's Left Of The Empire
D19 –Wilfrid Brambell And Harry H. Corbett The Steptoes. Short Extract From Homes Fit For Heros
D20 –Major Yuri Gagarin* Men In Space - Gagarin 12.04.61
D21 –Leonard Parkin Assassination Of President Kennedy 22.11.63
D22 –Brian Moore England's World Cup Victory (Soccer) 1966
D23 –Alistair Cooke (2) Short Extract From 1,000th Letter From America On Vietnam 24.03.68
D24 –John Snagge, Pipe-Major Thomas Anderson Memorial Service In Westminster Abbey For Lord Reith 22.07.71 - Lament "Flowers Of The Forest"

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